Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And thus, I carve my name in the bathroom wall of the Internet....

Soooo... yeah.... Because that really is the best phrase to kick-off an inaugural blog post. Anyway, here it is! So begins my contribution to what is essentially World Wide Web graffiti. I intend to post not only random writings, interesting links, etc., but also art, insights into my works and processes, and perhaps even some comics and cartoons. Be warned, however; I am currently without a scanner, so, I may not post as often as I would like, because I'm gonna' have to take snapshots of stuff and tweak 'em for clarity's sake - not quite as easy as scanning. (Initially, I expect to post at least once or twice a week so check back with some degree of regularity, jump on my RSS feed, or follow this blog via email.) The work I upload may be quite random, and not necessarily current or important (I guess one could argue that all of an artist's work is "important," but just bear with me....) like this:

Conté crayon sketch from 1/11
Oooorr, it'll be artwork with more purpose (yes, I know, all art has "purpose," let it go, a'ight?) like this:

Charcoal concept sketch fragment for UNREFINED series (4/11) - photo taken at a skewed angle
Oooorr, it might be stuff that, quite frankly, isn't very good and should probably be burned. As for the above, the wine glass sketch was something I just executed spur-of-the-moment while chilling on the couch a few months ago, and the charcoal piece is a concept sketch for my next painting in the "Unrefined" series.

I aim to keep this blog laid-back and enjoyable for everyone involved and maybe I'll even add to the design of it at some point to get away from the prefab Blogger template - or not. Feel free to contact me and/or comment whenever you wish and stay tuned!

In the meantime please check out my other sites:

Ian Chrystal Fine Art and Illustration

Ian Chrystal Fine Art and Illustration: UNREFINED



M.J. O'Brien said...

Great first post, Ian! A scanner would be a bit better, but these fine images are plenty crisp. And never throw out anything -- if you're tempted, just pass whatever it is on to me and I'll gladly pay the postage.

Charles Chrystal said...

Your blog has a great look and feel, Ian, and your writing provides great support for your terrific artwork! I am a fan!

Now, let me tell you all about -my- blog . . . !

Ian said...

Thanks very much to you both!

Yes, I am all too aware that I am sorely in need of a new scanner, but for the camera is gonna' have to do for a while....

Aaaannd, I never throw anything out, though I am often chagrined by many of the things I save.

Finally, I would be happy to link to the blogs of family and friends. Just email me the links!

Tusie said...

Excellent idea and an excellent read!

Ian said...

Thanks! Much more to come!